Monday, May 07, 2007

Following Surroundings I took some time to consider a list of contemporary poets I'd advise for new poetry readers and in doing so became very aware of how limited I am in my reading of living poets.

Anyway here's my list of 10 living poets, inevitably there is some overlap with others who also set out a list plus a strong Scottish presence:-

Simon Armitage
Seamus Heaney
Edwin Morgan
Wendy Cope
Mark Strand
Kathleen Jamie
Carol Ann Duffy
Derek Walcott
Liz Lochhead
Jo Shapcott

Some list stats include unintentional male/female equality which is pretty good considering the dizzy heights of poetrydom is, as in most fields, dominated by men. Also my list consists of 4 Scots, 3 English, 1 Irish, 1 Canadian, 1 West Indian.


C. E. Chaffin said...

No way poetry can keep up with your baby blog. Just remember, from one who has raised three girls, that children will leave you but poetry will always stay.

Sorlil said...

yes babies have a habit of taking over, but it's more than that - at the moment I'm thoroughly bored with my own poetry which is a cue to go back and read my old favorites (Plath, Eliot, Ahkmatova) and hopefully that will give me a new perspective for writing.

Dick Jones said...

I'd go with R.S. Thomas, John Burnside, Amy Clampitt & Pauline Stainer.

Sorlil said...

R.S. Thomas keeps popping up, I've not read any of his work - I'll go rectify that.