Thursday, March 13, 2008

For some bizarre reason The Independent and The Guardian newspapers are both giving away poetry freebies at the moment. Today I finally remembered and and got a little booklet on William Blake with The Independent and a booklet of a selection of Sylvia Plath poems with The Guardian.

I don't know why the sudden interest but I think its great that they are doing it.
Here's the rest of the Great Poets series that's with The Independent -

Friday 14 March Robert Burns
Saturday 15 March William Wordsworth
Sunday 16 March John Keats
Monday 17 March Robert Browning
Tuesday 18 March Walt Whitman
Wednesday 19 March Emily Dickinson
Thursday 20 March Gerard Manley Hopkins
Friday 21 March Thomas Hardy

And the booklets of poetry with The Guardian of the 'great poets of the 20th century' -

Friday March 14 Philip Larkin
Sunday March 16 Ted Hughes
Monday March 17 Seamus Heaney
Tuesday March 18 Siegfried Sassoon


Chris said...

Thanks for the tip!

Sorlil said...

no problem, the Guardian's great poets series is especially worth it since they're charging them on the website at £2.99 apiece if you miss any!