Wednesday, June 16, 2021

In non-poetry news - this weekend I complete my postgrad in counselling and psychotherapy and officially become a fully qualified counsellor! It's been a long, turbulent journey to qualification and in many ways poetry has kept me sane throughout it all. It's also, of course, been a thoroughly amazing process and an absolute privilege to work with my clients - I truly love the work. 

I've been so fascinated by how much writing a poem has in common with counselling, it feels like such a similar process to me.

Both require being comfortable with the unknown, both are working with language and imagery - catching the words that have a sense of meaning so much more in the moment. Both require heightened self-awareness and intuition to sense what’s happening. And, most importantly, both are guided by the ‘other’ i.e. the client or the poem to lead the way. I'm sure it's something I'll be thinking about and exploring further. 

I have three poems on p10 of the recent issue of Northwords Now which can be read here. And I've had a few of my Van Gogh sequence of poems accepted for the next issue of Poetry Salzburg Review which I'm delighted about. 


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Congrats on further publication - but double congrats on the graduation!!! Prior to the recent chapter in life, I was fifteen years in practice as a homoeopathic physician and counsellor. In Australia, not here. It was always a privilege and rewarding, so I wish you many years of satisfying practice also.

I totally understand what you mean in drawing parallels with poetry. It perhaps accesses something similar to music, rather than words? It will be interesting to see where it takes you. YAM xx

Marion McCready said...

Thanks very much, Yamini! I suppose I think of language as inherently musical so yes possibly music in there as well. Xx