Thursday, February 04, 2021

Mary Evans Picture Library/John Maclellan
I don't think about the old world now - pre-covid life - in fact it barely crosses my mind. I'm living in the here and now, taking each day, each week with its own plans, expectations, pressures and commitments. I'm lucky to have enough in my life to occupy me during this slow snail's pace existence. I have essays to write, reading to do, children to look after, counselling commitments, a dog to walk. The days and weeks are ticking by in ultra-slow motion. I dare not look ahead to the end of this lockdown or imagine life beyond covid - that would make the present unbearable. 

I stopped my ekphrastic writing spree at twenty poems and have since culled three from the sequence of poems as not up to standard. But the remaining seventeen poems I'm happy with! I recently re-read Sharon Olds' beautiful collection Stag's Leap and I so much admire how she shines a light on the tiny, mostly unnoticed moments in daily life and relationships and yet which encapsulates the essence of those relationships.  

Being called 'young' in the poetry world has a decidedly different meaning from how the rest of the world defines 'young'! So bearing that in mind I'm happy to have a selection of poems translated into Greek in a newly published anthology of contemporary young Scottish poets (featuring also some genuinely young Scottish poets!!). 

I have a poem showcased on the Mary Evans Poems and Pictures blog which you can read here.


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
... and a lovely example of ekphrasis at work is that poem indeed!

It's all a bit surreal,
this thing called life
as we live it now.
Apart from one brief visit
to the shore
on that sunny day last week
(or was that another planet?)
I have not been outside
the Hutch's door
since arriving
back from that other memory
with feelings reaching
from ceiling to floor.

... well, that came out different than I was expecting to comment, but I'll leave it with you!!! YAM xx

Marion McCready said...

Aww thanks, yes surreal for sure. Hope you're keeping well Xx