Monday, August 17, 2009

Good news in this dry spell - I've had three poems accepted by Edinburgh Review...and they pay!!! My first paid acceptance, I'm very excited!

Six weeks until the baby's here and I've started reading poetry again after literally going off it over the last few months. Started a poem last night about slugs of all things, scrapped most of what I wrote but there's the odd line worth keeping that I'm sure will spur me into more writing - it's good just to be writing again, even if it is mostly mince, feeling rather rusty but you have to start somewhere!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Just a wee note to say to any Sylvia Plath fans or anyone with a general interest in Plath that issue 2 of the academic journal 'Plath Profiles' is now available on-line and can be found here. It contains a fantastic range of essays, poems, art, reviews etc.

Still no poetry going on here I'm afraid, I'm hoping I'll get back to writing soon after the baby's born otherwise if anyone's on facebook drop by and say hello, it's about the most I can manage these days!

I did send off a submission to the Tall-lighthouse pamphlet competition, the closing date is the end of this month in case anyone is interested in submitting.