Monday, September 21, 2009

First draft of the first poem I've written in what feels like forever:

Bramble Street

They ripen to mosaics,

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Monday, September 07, 2009

Really missing keeping up with my blog and with all you bloggers out there, it's very awkward for me to sit the 'computer room' (i.e the hall cupboard!)at the moment - to write at the computer requires sitting at a funny angle which makes my ankles swell up like balloons!
However soon it will all be over and then the question will be: 'will I be able to fit and feed a baby in here and type at the same time' - ooh to own a laptop!

Anyway, just realised that the lovely Titus tagged me ages ago to: "Collect the book that you have most handy, turn to page 161, find the 5th complete sentence, and cite the sentence on your blog."

So here it is:

"The Palace's little windows glow,
remote in the stillness."
From Anna Akhmatova's poem 'Verses About Petersburg' which is in the fantastically wonderful Complete poems of Anna Akhmatova translated by Judith Hemschemeyer - one of my desert island books.

Just in case I was supposed to pick a prose book:

"One of her most instinctive compulsions was to make patterns - vivid, bold, symmetrical patterns."

Ted Hughes' essay 'Sylvia Plath: Ariel' in his book Winter Pollen: Occasional Prose, the nearest prose book to hand.

Works out nicely - two main poetry obsessions of mine, Plath and Akhmatova!