Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Hogmanay!

It'll be a quiet one for us tonight, the wee boy's had too many late nights recently to drag him out anywhere tonight. So it'll be a little whiskey and shortbread by an imaginary fire!

Some things to look forward to in 2009, well over the next couple of months anyhow: Celtic Connections which starts next month, haven't yet decided which event we're going to but whatever we decide it'll be a great night out. StAnza 2009, tickets now available on-line so I'll be booking up pretty soon. And last but not least Tommy Sheridan going into the Big Brother house - I'm so looking forward to this!!

Happy New Year!


Rachel Fox said...

Good luck with the imaginary fire.

Tommy Sheridan! I don't want to watch but...

Jim Murdoch said...

We have a DVD of virtual fireplaces that we stick on every Xmas. How sad is that?

Happy New Year to you and yours.

An Honest Man said...

Are you drinking Irish spirits? Whiskey!!

Happy New Year.

Jane Holland said...

We had some whisky and sat in front of Jules H., having rather too many kids - and years under my belt! - to be wandering abroad after midnight at New Year. Though I have been known to wander about at that time on other nights of the year ... ;)

Slept in until 1pm after that, the kids having got their own breakfast and settled to watch some cartoons. At last, we're beginning to reap the seeds of teaching the children independent ways!

I haven't quite trained them to make us tea and toast though, as the eldest is only six, so I did have to drag myself out of bed in the end though. Blearh ...

Now off to peel some spuds for our late lunch and watch the repeat of the Christmas Doctor Who, which is on in just over an hour.

So, wishing you much good poetry and blogging in 2009, and a Happy New Year to you - or Blein Vie Noa, as the Manx have it!


Dominic Rivron said...

I take it you've a box of imaginary matches.
I was wondering what I was looking forward to this year this morning. The best I could come up with was 365 bowls of porridge. It was a bit early. Have cheered up considerably since:)

Happy New Year!

Roxana said...

happy new year for you too, dear sorlil. imaginary fire ist always the best.

Sorlil said...

hi rachel, I don't generally watch big brother but george galloway was too good to miss and as for tommy, well it'll be interesting to see what's going to happen!

hi jim, not only do I have the virtual fireplace, I've got the virtual fish tank as well, lol!

oops I did it again, I think I must be a lost cause, honest man!

"Slept in until 1pm" - oh jane, the jealousy!! I have a vague memory of those days, may they come again!

hi dominic, a porridge man eh :) lol! I did in fact bring in the new year by candle light!

hi roxana, thankyou, I do love my imaginary fire - it's the memories of the peat fire in my grandparents house when I was growing up.

Dick said...

As a life-long decidedly independent socialist, I looked forward eagerly to George Galloway's participation in Celeb BB. Although faced with stiff competition, he turned out to be as vile, manipulative and self-aggrandising a housemate as you could wish to love to hate. Precious little evidence of anything ideological emerged at any point. Is Tommy Sheridan going to disgust or delight?

I envy you the Celtic Connections concerts, Sorlil. We get occasional similar mix-and-matches as one-offs at the Barbican, but rarely so relentless a programme of creative musical connections.

I wish you a productive and fulfilling 2009, recession notwithstanding!

Sorlil said...

thanks dick! well I've been to enough meetings to hear tommy sheridan, even chaired a few, to know that he's a charasmatic figure for sure and a gifted orator, so I'm in no doubt that he'll delight in that sense.

but as far as the court case is concerned I'm on the side of the ssp so I'm wondering if he's going to slip up at some point in the bb house. it's a shame that the live streaming has been cut though! also, I've really never met a vainer man!

as for gorgeous george, well they're all frauds in the end.

Rachel Fox said...

Sheridan is one of those interesting people - so vain with really so little reason to be! That hair!