Monday, February 15, 2010

So it's been a rough couple of weeks - we all caught a nasty head cold, both kids included. But thankfully we're over it now so hopefully I'll get back to some writing.

Quite some time ago Rob MacKenzie asked me if I would give a poetry reading at one of his monthly 'Poetry At The...' events in Edinburgh, so I've been booked up for the June event for ages. Well I nearly fainted the other day when I saw whom Rob had managed to book for the other two reading slots on the night: the renowned Scottish poet, David Kinloch and the also renowned American poet Phillis Levin. I hadn't heard of Levin but I've been reading up on her work since and I very much like what I've read, to say the least.

I'm really excited about the reading. I'm trying to organise a local get-together of writers to see if there's much interest in putting on a local poetry event here in Dunoon, something I've been thinking about for ages but the thought of my first poetry reading being in such esteemed company has given me the kick-up-the-backside to get on and do something locally and hopefully at least get in a practice run. I know it's only February but I've already organised the poems I'll be reading and the order of them. In fact I practice reciting the one's I've memorised when I'm out walking, under my breath of course!!

I've also got some other exciting poetry news which I'll reveal when I know more about it!


Titus said...

Brilliant news! Please name the actual date way in advance to allow me to organise requisite childcare - if it's in Edinburgh, I'm sure that's still closer than Dunoon!

James Owens said...

I wish I could be there for your first reading! From what I’ve seen of Levin’s work, I think you will be a great match with her.

Other news? A teaser to keep us coming back! And it works … I’m curious….

Michelle said...

I'm looking forward to hearing how your reading went, Sorlil. Sounds like it was a fabulous evening.

Rob said...

You'll do fine. Good idea to get a few readings in beforehand.

Usually we have 3 or 4 '3-minute spots' for people to do quick readings scattered through the evening, but I've cancelled that for June. Instead, we have two special guests who just happen to be up from London that weekend, both editors (of Fuselit magazine) and very interesting poets - Jon Stone and Kirsten Irving. Just added them to the line-up on the 'Poetry at the...' site. They'll be doing mini-sets between them, perhaps some collaborative poems as well as individual work. Great chance to hear them. So yet more fireworks thrown into the mix.

Rachel Fox said...

Lots of exciting news!

If you can't get in readings beforehand just record yourself reciting the poems and listen back to it (a few times...asm uch as you can bear). It's a good way of making sure people will be able to hear what you're saying...and in something like the way you want them to hear it. Read to friends and family all just gets you used to it.

You'll be the mysterious lady from the'll be marvellous!

Sorlil said...

hi titus! yes, I will! it would be amazing if you could make it!

hi james, I wish you could too - I mean, it's only the Atlantic in the way :) that's very kind of you to say so, I'm so looking forward to Levin's reading. and yes, I like to keep you hanging!

hi michelle, the reading isn't until june - just very excited about it so blogging about it rather early :)

hi rob, sounds like it's going to be an amazing night. one I'll never forget anyhow! I'm definitely working on sorting out some readings before then!

hi rachel, I think I will try recording myself. thanks for that - you're well-used to public readings so I'll take all the advice you've got to offer!