Sunday, August 08, 2010

Exciting news for Plath fans: the academic and literary journal,
Plath Profiles issue 3  is now on-line!

Packed with numerous interesting essays such as 'Plath's Legacy for a Male Poet' and 'Sylvia Plath and Edvard Munch: Mindscape of Chagrin', it includes a range of (some excellent) Plath-inspired poetry and artwork.
Essential reading for any Plath and Hughes fans.

(Right - detail from bedroom wallpaper from 3 Chalcot Square, London, 1960)


Titus said...

Oh, find me the time...!

Marion McCready said...

lol, tell me about it!!

Roxana said...

i didn't have the time to read thoroughly (i echo Titus :-) - but i did read 'Plath's Legacy for a Male Poet' and found it fascinating - thank you!!!

Marion McCready said...

yes, I enjoyed that one too, roxana. it's a great issue.