Sunday, September 19, 2010

I came across a wonderful interview/essay with Phillis Levin on Anthony Hecht's startling poem 'The Transparent Man'. Her explication and personal response to the poem is beautifully and thought-provokingly done. The poem is written in blank verse and so there is much discussion and insight on how the form not only adds substance to the poem through its stylistic tricks but also how it fundamentally contributes to the 'message' of the poem as an extended metaphor. A very interesting read, can be found here.


Jim Murdoch said...

Thanks for the link. I enjoy articles like that. There aren't enough of them.

Rachel Fox said...

Enjoyed the poem - can't get enough trees!

Marion McCready said...

I agree, jim! It's great when you get this kind of personal response to, and thorough analysis of, a poem by a poet.

hi rachel, I had noticed! I'm not that great at tree identification, would like to be a lot better though. yes, it's an intriguing poem, one that I'll need to read several times, I think.