Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Help, Please, Anyone?

I'm thinking of organising a poetry reading locally and as I've never organised one before I'll take all the advice I can get!!


Titus said...

Priority is venue and time - get those right and the rest is fairly easy.
Nice, comfy venue with good acoustics or suitable microphone set-up.
Availability of drink preferable. Nibbles optional but nice.
One poet, two or three? Mix up styles, but should complement each other.
Entry free, pay on admission or ticket sales prior to event? Ticket sales prior does stop you sweating so much on the night.
And promote, promote, promote. Word-of-mouth more important than posters, newspaper article always good. Make people you know promise they'll come.
I actually could go on, but I'm probably boring you by now.

Rachel Fox said...

Wait until possible-snow season is over (nothing more depressing than all that organising wasted by 'no-one could get through the snow').

Book people you want to hear - then even if no-one comes you still have a good time.

Don't promise too much money to anyone until event is established.

Find a friendly local sponsor if you can - every little helps. Mine always paid for the room hire.

Try and find a room that has disabled access/facilities. I could have got a free room that wasn't accessible but I held out for a place that was open to all (but it cost a little more - hence the sponsor).

Some council rooms are free to hire for arts events.

Get friends to help - with everything.

It's naff but a raffle helps pay for everything. I used to make more on the raffle than the door most times - it paid for at least one guest.

Good luck! I'm sure I'll think of more things soon.


Marion McCready said...

thankyou both!!

It's going to be a pretty small affair, I was thinking of me and another local poet doing a joint reading in the local library - it would be a good way to test local interest in this kind of event. not quite sure how to run it, the venue would be free so there would be no charges but drinks, nibbles etc would be out of the question with it being a library. don't know whether to have a break inbetween the readings, it's not like it could be a tea-break, or maybe find a third reader, non-poetry perhaps? just trying to think it through!

Rachel Fox said...

So daytime or evening?

Marion McCready said...

I'd have to check with the library, if a weekday then I think would be around 6pm, if on a saturday then I guess it could be anytime

Rachel Fox said...

Library staff can probably advise you a little re how events go there at different times. They'll know at least some of your potential audience. Then there's all your friends... everyone you've ever met!

Marion McCready said...

yes, I've not spoken to the librarians yet. this could be interesting...!