Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I have the most exciting poetry news but I'm not allowed to reveal it until the end of the week which is driving me crazy!
Thanks to Josephine Corcoran for showcasing an old-ish poem of mine a few days ago on her great poetry blog And Other Poems.

A draft poem inspired by James Owens' wonderful photographs which can be viewed on his blog ein klage-himmel.

first draft

(poem removed)


Anthony said...

Great imagery in this one!

Roxana said...

oh this is so lovely!!! the first stanza is perfect, such a great opening... i love the rhythm, as if language itself, with its sounds on my tongue, were reflecting and multiplying in trembling mirrors...
and i know the photos, and i am amazed at how beautifully you managed to create this atmosphere, woven around them but also around your own phantasms :-)

Marion McCready said...

thanks anthony, I appreciate that!

glad you like it roxana because I'll be cannabalising your pics for a poem next :)

Roxana said...


hehe, can't wait :-)

Titus said...

Ooh, ooh this is so exciting! Is it a win in something, or a publication!?!

And the line,
'Snow-eyes dressing the forest.'
does it for me.

Marion McCready said...

thanks titus :)

not long till I can reveal all...!!!

Jim Murdoch said...

The image here is powerful enough, a woman standing on a bridge over a frozen river, but what’s the story? Okay, at the end we learn that, the Erinyes have returned so something’s obviously happened to piss her off but what? Where are the breadcrumbs? This is a painting and a very pretty one too—the opening stanza is particularly evocative—but I kept looking for more and there wasn’t anything.

Glad to hear you’ve got good news though. Look forward to learning what it is in due course.

Marion McCready said...

thanks for that, jim, I'll think it over :)