Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cove Park 2013

Looking across Loch Long towards Dunoon
My accommodation, a recycled freight container
from the inside, a self-contained apartment called 'the cube'!
view from my cube
the neighbours

Had an excellent three nights at Cove Park. Spent the days in my cube reading and writing in blissful silence and for a few hours in the evening socialized with five other new writer's award winners who were there. It was a good, productive time for me. I came back with six draft poems to work on and thoughts of how I want to develop my writing. For sheer personal enjoyment and indulgence I immersed myself in Plath's Ariel (the restored edition) reading it alongside Hughes' the Birthday Letters, just because it's fascinating to see a relationship played out in poetry and it's such a great opportunity to see how one poetry collection can respond to another. I also spent a good bit of time reading through a selection of short stories by Kate Chopin, one of my favourite writers. In the Cove Park library I found Jen Hadfield's Almanacs collection which I'd never read before ( I had taken her Nigh-No-Place with me) and absolutely loved it. All the other award writers there were novelists and it was interesting chatting to them and listening to novelist-speak as opposed to poetry-speak! A lovely group of people doing all sorts of interesting writing. Cove Park was just perfect for a writing retreat. We were fortunate with the good weather and although it was pretty cold outside, my cube was so cosy and comfortable and what a stunning view! 


Roxana said...

oh i was so waiting for more details from the writing retreat, thank you! it all looks fabulous, i am so happy for you! :-)

(for some reason, you have again disappeared from my dashboard list of blogs, i have no idea why this happens at times)

Marion McCready said...

it was brilliant, wonderfully strange!