Thursday, May 16, 2019

It is torturous when a poetry submission gets to the 6 months stage with no reply, especially when the website indicates a much quicker reply time!
I'm trying to be more systematic about sending out poems for submission especially now, when more than ever, many mags are happy with simultaneous submissions. Better to have the same poems out at two places even if they both take more than half a year to respond! 

I've been writing steadily occasional poems, short poems. However I'm ready for a bigger project to throw myself into and I have a few seeds of ideas. I'm reading the work of an old favourite at the moment - Hilda Doolittle (H.D.). I bought her book 'Tribute to Freud', a memoir about her time in therapy. It's just arrived so I'm excited to start reading it. The bringing together of two major interests of mine - poetry and therapy. I'm also excited to have been accepted onto a postgraduate course in person-centred counselling which will start in September and take two years part-time, the end of which I will be a fully qualified and accredited counsellor.

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