Thursday, December 19, 2019

Time for another word-cloud created on here!

So I've written twelve poems this year - not a huge amount, three of which I wrote last week which saved the end of the year for me!! I hate writing less than twelve in a year.
My word-cloud is made up of this year's poems so lots of water (as usual!) making an appearance, flowers and body parts!

My favorite reading this year has been by Anne Carson. I've been sadly disappointed by Sharon Olds' latest collection, Arias - the poems are so hit and miss. Not the spectacular collection that Stag's Leap was at all. Of course I'm still a huge fan of her work but wonder if she felt under pressure to bring out this collection or if she lost some objectivity over the editing process!!
I absolutely loved Kathleen Jamie's Surfacing - so beautifully written, I'll be re-reading these essays several times over.


Clarissa Aykroyd said...

I wrote about six poems this year, which is at least better than last year! I tend to not worry about these things too much, but I do want to find my way back to being at least a bit more prolific. Anyway, I'm sure yours are quality!

It's interesting and a bit disappointing to hear your opinion of the new Sharon Olds collection - I think I've only read a couple of poems from it. I agree that Stag's Leap was spectacular.

Marion McCready said...

Hi Clarissa, I know, I was disappointed too! Mind you, how could she top Stag's Leap?!

I'm not so sure all my poems are quality and you're right - it's not about the numbers but somehow I feel better if I've written the magic number of twelve (one for each month)! I'm glad you've had a better writing year and here's to a productive 2020 for the both of us :)X

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Isn't it interesting that we writers/poets need to keep tabs on our word count? The only proof of productivity, I suppose... even if never seen by anothers eye! Beyond the blogging, taking up writing on Medium has definitely honed my productivity and 'word sharpness'.

I love that Loch Eck has prominence in your butterfly of words... I do believe it is my most favourite loch in our Bonny Land - though there are some close seconds!

Wishing all that is best for the festive season and may 2020 bring you much peace and productivity!!! YAM xx

Marion McCready said...

Hi Yam, yes Loch Eck is an amazing loch - my favourite too!! I wrote a long poem this year about it which is why it features large :) Wishing you much festivities and a productive 2020 also Xx

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