Thursday, July 30, 2020

I'm very happy to have two poems in the latest issue of The Manchester Review.
My poem 'Glasgow Nights' was written about my journey to work last year when I was working night-shifts in a homelessness unit. My other poem 'Written on Board MV Coruisk' is another commute poem - the short ferry ride from Dunoon to Gourock is usually part of my travels several times a week. Though I can hardly believe I've not been on the ferry for nearly five months now!
You can read my poems online here.

For anyone interested in acceptance / rejection stats - both of these poems were rejected three times by other mags/journals.

I've kept a record of every poetry submission, acceptance, rejection I've ever sent - my records date back to 2006! I've had 117 rejections - not individual poems but full submission rejections which often contain several poems.
My first acceptance came in 2008 - so two years after I started submitting. I've had 67 acceptances, again, not individual poems but often more than one in a submission.

I'm also starting to record rough reply times by mags/journals so I can better gauge how long I want a poem/poems potentially unavailable for.


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Having spotted your link in Instagram, I have read them and found them both evocative, but of course, adore the ferry one!!! (Though I have never ridden the Coruisk, only the Argyll Flyer/Ali Cat or the Western Ferries 'four islands'.)

Very interesting about the acc/rej and timings recording. It's a long time since I tried submitting anything anywhere... I admire your persistence and diligence! YAM xx

Marion McCready said...

Thank you, glad you enjoyed them. I think my persistence may be more like bloody-mindedness!! :D