Monday, November 30, 2009

Looking for recommendations for poetry collections to read??

Michelle McGrane on her blog Peony Moon has asked a number of poets to list their favourite collections of 2009, it's great for suggestions if you're stuck on what to read next.

The one's that I'm particularly interested in and just haven't got around to purchasing yet are -

The Clockwork Gift by Claire Crowther
Weeds and Wild Flowers by Alice Oswald
In the Voice of a Minor Saint by Sarah J. Sloat
The Missing by Siân Hughes


Michelle said...

Thanks so much, Sorlil.

I have The Clockwork Gift, which is wonderful, but the other three are on my list too!

Sorlil said...

No problem, Michelle. It's a great idea and very helpful!

Titus said...

Oooh Sorlil. I visited and felt a bit overwhelmed, as well as unlettered. What a list! Where to start?

Sorlil said...

it is overwhelming isn't it, I'd love to read them all!!