Friday, November 13, 2009

A quick post to say that StAnza's Virtual Poetry Festival - Distant Voices - is taking place tomorrow from 1pm. Poets will be reading live from all around the world and this will be broadcast online available for everyone and anyone to listen into. I'm particularly looking forward to hearing Andrew Philip read from 2.30pm (his collection The Ambulance Box is an excellent read) and Meg Bateman read her work in Gaelic and English from 6.30pm.

Life is pretty much baby and toddler chaos at the moment hence the lack of poetry.


Titus said...

Thanks for the links, good luck with the chaos.
Agog at my dearest friend. Her eldest is the same age as the boys (6), she has two younger ones and has now announced pregnancy number 4. I would be running for the hills.
Two babies I did not particularly enjoy, but two of the same age now they're at school is very nice!

Sorlil said...

eek...I'm stopping here!
the chaos is really down to the fact she's not breastfeeding properly so I'm having to find the time to express several times a day and bottle feed her it which means constant sterilizing etc.
I'm full of admiration for mothers of twins!!

Titus said...

I have to say, in my case, you should have a lot of admiration for the father!

Jim Murdoch said...

Think of it as stocking up. I used to feel guilty about not writing until I realised that for a writer there is no such thing as not writing, there are simply different aspects to writing and although putting pen to paper is probably the most fun part one shouldn't neglect the others and that includes stocking up on ideas, images and experiences to draw on later.

Sorlil said...

very true, jim! I'm rarely not thinking about images etc for poems!