Thursday, March 18, 2010

books, books, books

I recently ordered some poetry pamphlets from Calder Wood Press and now that they've arrived I'm even more excited about my pamphlet next year.
They are beautiful, colourful, sturdy pamphlets printed on gorgeous silky paper.

I've only flicked through them and can't wait for some proper quiet time to read them:
Sky Blue Notebook from the Pyrenees by Jayne Wilding
Local Colour by Judith Taylor
A Hesitant Opening of Parasols by Lilias Scott Forbes

You can read sample poems by them on the Calder Wood Press website.

I also ordered Colin Wills' Sushi & Chips collection (published by Diehard Books but also available through Calder Wood Press) which I'm looking forward to reading.

Finally, swiss has just had his first full-length collection published by Calder Wood Press, I am the happy owner of a copy.

stone and sea is a gorgeous collection of 44 poems which I'll be blogging about in more detail in the future but right now I'm just enjoying.


Titus said...

Ooh, that's a timely reminder. I want to get swiss's and Juliet's.
New books through the post is just heaven. Imagine when it's your own!

Roxana said...

i can't wait to read your swiss-review!!!

(thank you so much for your generous words about inspiration :-)

Sorlil said...

titus - it's lovely when they come but always many more I want!!!

your welcome roxana, not generous just the truth.

deemikay said...

Hello... just saying "hello" and also to salivate at the thought of "beautiful, colourful, sturdy pamphlets printed on gorgeous silky paper".

Sorlil said...

hello right back at you :) I think you'd like the 'Sky Blue Notebook from the Pyrenees' - even the poems are written in gorgeous sky blue.

deemikay said...

The title's nice and it looks nice... seems investigateable!