Sunday, April 17, 2011

An anthology of bird poems and artwork produced by the wonderfully eccentric Sidekick Books. I met Kirstin Irving and Jon Stone, who produce Sidekick Books and are the editors of Fuselit Magazine, at a reading in Edinburgh last year and Kirsten asked me to contribute a poem for the anthology. The book was delayed in coming out but now it's available and I'm so looking forward to receiving my contributor's copy. From what I've seen I'm sure the artwork is going to be stunning, and I expect the poems will be pretty good too! :)
You can read my poem at this link, it's the sample poem on the webpage!


Titus said...

That looks stunning! Congratulations, I think I'll have to get a copy.

Roxana said...

aaaah stunning indeed, i love the cover!!! and the topic is so fascinating!

and i adore this:

You spell words with symbols on my neck,
the blood-bird song a warning in our heads.


Marion McCready said...

thanks titus and roxana, the cover is just lovely isn't it? roxana, birds have such a deep-seated symbolism don't they? sometimes they terrify me! I can't wait to see the book :)

Jack said...

You clever lady ! Lovely looking anthology!