Saturday, April 30, 2011

That's VINTAGE SEA, my poetry pamphlet, now available to buy from the Calder Wood Press website for a measly £5! Just click on the picture to the right and scroll down to catalogue.

It has been a labour of love which would never have happened if it wasn't for this blog and you readers who have read, encouraged and helped me workshop these poems. So thankyou! :)

Here's what these lovely people have to say about my poems:

'to read marion mccready's poetry is to enter a transformational landscape where the act of seeing is ecstatic and filled with meaning. it is not magical realism but a realism that becomes magical. i highly recommend it.' - morgan downie

'Marion McCready lives on an island which seems to be one giant metaphor. From seascapes and landscapes she creates dreamy, often startling, images, sometimes making a pithy point, sometimes nudging the reader beyond the here and now to a place more mythological and elemental. This is the first collection from a very individual voice.' - Hugh McMillan

'It is rare these days to read a first pamphlet in a voice so sure and well formed and rooted in local knowledge as Marion McCready’s, whose poems come to us drenched in the waves and mists of the Firth of Clyde and the islands off the west coast of Scotland, and yet never fail to remain responsive to the tidal surges of the universal. Whether writing of the natural world of her beloved seashore and rivers, or of the equal mysteries and deeps of love and motherhood, McCready’s poems are always both aware of the spirit and grounded in the here-and-now of a pleasurably physical sense of language as music and of the poem as a shaped and shapely object. Setting out for the islands, McCready advises that we will be able to find her “in another life / among the kittiwakes, the sea pinks, / cormorants feeding their young in my ribcage,” and we, already persuaded, are eager to follow.' - James Owens

The cover photo is by the wonderfully talented photographer / artist, Roxana Ghita. You can view more of her work here.


Roxana said...



i am so happy for you! and deeply honoured you used my photo... i can't wait to get it! :-)

Marion McCready said...

me too!!!

Jack said...

Mazza! Looking forward to getting my copy ! well done you ;) Let us know about launch - want mine signed !

Impressed with Shug's comments - did a course with Hugh back in my Dumfries days! Great poet.

Marion McCready said...

thankyou! :) it's looking like the lanuch definitely will be sat 21st May, just waiting for the venue (in glasgow) to be confirmed.

yes, shug's a great poet! you did a course with him? did he hold it in a pub like he said he does??! lol

Jack said...

Yep..well it started off in Dumfries Academy but ended in the Tam O'Shanter!

Titus said...

Hooray! I'm going to hold off buying until the launch. I want a signed one!