Thursday, June 30, 2011

Review of Vintage Sea here!!

Many thanks to Jim for this detailed and insightful blog-review, I'm absolutely delighted with it!
Anyone who reads Jim's blog, The Truth About Lies, regularly, knows the research, preparation and effort that goes into each of his blog-essays which make them a constant source of fascinating information and philosophical discussion into, among other things, writers, creativity and the writing processes.

Jim's next blog post is dedicated to a series of questions and answers on my poetry and will be published on his blog next week.


James Owens said...

A wonderful review, clear and sensitive readings of your poems, and he does a good job of articulating a context for your work within the tendencies of contemporary poetry. I hope many people see this.

(But I have to disagree about the nationality of Archibald MacLeish.)

Elisabeth said...

I'm pleased to meet you via Jim's blog Marion, and to see and hear you read your wonderful poetry. Any friend of Jim's, well what an honour and that he ventured out to your book launch, you are privileged indeed.

Anonymous said...

I think it's an excellent review, and I'm grateful to Jim for it.

Marion McCready said...

Thanks Colin and James, I've very pleased with the review.

Elizabeth, pleased to meet you too! Yes, he was right when he wrote that I was gobsmacked to see him, I certainly was and I certainly do feel privileged!