Thursday, July 14, 2011

For those with access to BBC iplayer, the wonderful Coast series did a programme the other week on the Outer Hebrides which included a good bit on the Iolaire Disaster (a ship bringing surviving soldiers home from WW1 which struck The Beasts of Holm and sunk half a mile off Stornoway harbour, 205 of the 280 soldiers on board drowned) and a wee bit on the guga hunters of Ness. You can see it here.


Anonymous said...

Many years ago I spoke to an old man on the hill overlooking Stornoway harbour. It was a Sunday, he was pickled, but he spoke about the disaster with tears in his eyes. He wasn't old enough to have been there at the time, but it was part of his family history. The story has haunted me since then.

Marion McCready said...

hi colin, it's a very sad story isn't it? a real tragedy.

swiss said...

we did watch it in the end but maybe it's that we're getting out of the way of tv because we found it all just a bit frantic. plus the pronunciations! lol

that said i did come across the rather wonderful eadar chluich the other day. well worth five minutes on the iplayer and check out the home page