Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Review of Vintage Sea!!

"Throughout Vintage Sea is the accumulation and distillation of things that Plath did well – situating the self in / seeing the self through landscape; myth-making as a way of making sense of experience"

"My favourite poems here are highly musical, and their sparse forms, clipped lines and taut linebreaks support their close sound recurrences and small units of meaning. In this, I’m reminded of Elizabeth Bishop"

"So many lines (too many to quote) from ‘Sargassum Lullaby’, ‘The Cockle Picker’s Wife’ and ‘Life Rafts’ are tactile, smelly, tasty"

I'm so exited about this fantastic review of Vintage Sea by Mark Burnhope which you can read on the Sabotage Reviews website

Though I really must stop writing smelly poems! :))) 


Titus said...

You're right to be excited! What an intelligent review - congratulations.
I love the book.

Marion McCready said...

thanks titus, it's really thoughtfully written isn't it? and thankyou, you author of award-winning pamphlets you!!

Carrie Burtt said...

Congratulations on Vintage Sea!....i am a new follower of your blog, and look forward to reading your poetry.

swiss said...

yes, what a lovely review!

Marion McCready said...

Hi Carrie, thankyou!! and pleased to meet you :)

thanks swiss, it is isn't it? :)

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