Friday, December 09, 2011

Thanks to Andrew McCallum Crawford for showcasing my poem 'The Rest and Be Thankful' on his Wee Fictions blog here. It was one of the first poems I ever had published so even though it's not in my pamphlet it has a special place in my heart!

The Rest, as it's known locally, was originally an old Drover road and an old military road through the Arrochar Alps. When the ferries are off it's our long route round to Glasgow. On a nice day it's a beautiful drive, on a day like yesterday you can see what it's like here, sixth picture down.


James Owens said...

How lucky that you get to drive through this beautiful landscape -- at least when the wind allows!

Marion McCready said...

Haven't been that way for a while but yes, it's spectacular especially at this time of year with the snow-topped mountains. At one point, before a sharp bend it looks as though the road is taking you straight into the glen at the adjoining of two mountains