Thursday, December 01, 2011

I guess reviews are like buses...! Yes! Another Vintage Sea review!

"Marion can write simple lines very well...on the other hand she has a kind of mystical side that stops the work being too mundane"
"Marion has the voice that some poets look for and never find or hear"
Thanks to Rachel for the lovely review on her blog alongside reviews of the very talented JoAnne McKay's Grave with Lights and fellow Calder Wood Press poet, Ross Wilson's, recently published collection The Heavy Bag. Rachel's market research reviewing style is a little bit different to the usual which makes it all the more interesting to read, which you can do - here!

Other good news this week - six poems accepted for the next issue of Shadowtrain!


Anonymous said...

None and then a whole stream of them, to fill in the gap for those who don't know about British buses.
From my recent experience I'd say the Underground has adopted this trait. With an added bane. The first four that then come are bursting at the seams.

Congrats anyway!

Titus said...

Yay! (she did a cracking job, didn't she?) and Yay!

Marion McCready said...

yes she did! thanks titus. duncan, I love glasgow but I don't miss the morning squash on the metro!!