Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cove Park
I've lots of good things, poetry-wise, to look forward to next month.
I have a meeting at the Scottish Poetry Library (SPL) in Edinburgh with  the SPL Director, Robyn Marsack, and the Programme Manager, Jennifer Williams. I'm really looking forward to this. I've never actually been to the Scottish Poetry Library before though I use their webpage (here) very regularly, it's a great resource for all things poetic! Hope it's easy to find, I'm much more of a Glasgow-girl! 

I also have a mentoring interview with the lovely people at the Scottish Book Trust. Apparently I can put in a request for who I would like to mentor me over the next year and they then approach that person. It's all very exciting, I guess my plan is to work on putting together a full-length collection so I'd be looking for someone to give me advice on that, my poems and on how best to approach publishers etc. Also it would have to be someone within reasonable travelling distance. So lots to think about!

Also The Cove Park retreat takes place next month too where I'll get a chance to meet the other award winners. Not sure if I'll be able to get babysitting cover for the full week but they've said I can go for a long as I can manage, which is great.

I've a wee poem in the next Gutter Mag which I'm happy about, it's one of my favourite literary magazines. The online mag, Ofi Press Mexico, is publishing a four-part experimental poem of mine in March!

For someone who usually barely makes it out of the sticks I'm starting to feel incredibly busy!


Clarissa Aykroyd said...

I went to the Scottish Poetry Library a few months ago, though I just mooched around, read some magazines and took a few pictures (shameless plug: here's my blog post on the SPL, with some of those pictures: )

You shouldn't have a hard time finding's just across from the statue of Robert Fergusson!

Glad all is going well!

Marion McCready said...

thanks Clarissa, I'll check out your post! :)

shug said...

Well done, Marion,I'm sure it's just the start of many years of frustration and humiliation (He said only half jokingly). Congratulations, though.

Marion McCready said...

spoken like a true scot! thankyou :)

Roxana said...

such kind of busy is excellent!!! :-)

Marion McCready said...

thanks, yes amazed by it all!