Saturday, January 05, 2013

So I've changed my mind about going back to Jerusalem and instead I have booked a week-long writer's retreat in the south of France with none other than the amazing poet, Pascale Petit! I'm so excited about it, the title of the course is: 'Extending your boundaries with Pascale Petit'. I was in two minds about Jerusalem when I happened to see someone advertising the course on facebook and I booked it immediately. This will be my first time ever getting a chance to be tutored professionally apart from the occasional masterclass at StAnza. Pascale Petit's poetry is so image-focused and surreal, which is perfect for me, and the title of the course is exactly what I want to do with my poems. Plus, spending a week writing in a country chateau in the South of France with marble fireplaces and oak flooring overlooking a canal, vineyards and the Pyrenees sounds pretty heavenly to me!


Rachel Fox said...

Very exciting. Have the best, best time.

Roxana said...

when will it be? i can't wait to hear all your impressions, the South of France is the perfect place to be :-)

Marion McCready said...

thanks rachel! I can't wait :)

hi roxana, it's in mid-may, good time weather-wise I think! I've only been to Paris, so really looking forward to it, French food, wine, bread etc etc!!!

swiss said... jealous!!!!!!!

Marion McCready said...

if I weren't me I would be too! :)