Sunday, May 17, 2020

Eight weeks of lockdown now here in Scotland. I've avoided working on poems over the last two to three weeks. I had fallen into overthinking mode and badly needed to get out and stay out of my head for a while in order to cope with and make it through this time. So I've cooked (and eaten!) a lot, watched tv a lot, and generally otherwise stuck to the practical - walking, knitting, homework and general activities with the kids etc. And it's paid off. I feel much more myself, have a healthier perspective on things and have let go of what I cannot change.

However, poetry never entirely escapes my life! I've been enjoying reading a biography of Robert Lowell by Ian Hamilton. It's been a fascinating, at times hilarious, read! It's good to get a background to the poems and the biography quotes large chunks of Lowell's letters so I'll probably re-read his poems soon and when I do have more of a sense of his 'voice' and the character behind the poems. I've also been reading a book on the Black Mountain poets. Olson, Creeley and Duncan have never been high in my awareness and I've never really been drawn to the later Language poets so it was good to be reminded of the poetics behind it all.

I'm very excited to have two flower poems coming out in next month's issue of Poetry Magazine. It's always an utter surprise and more than a tiny bit miraculous to me to have poems accepted for this amazing magazine (for the fourth time!!!) . And my flower poems are generally my favourite to write, there really is no where else in the world I would rather have them 'homed'!

So I feel ready to go back to working on poems and have notes for a bat poem beckoning...!


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Getting back to oneself is very important. Balance is everything. I have had a very unbalanced three months, going down with COVID in February, but having to get up and go into full care mode for the duration for my father... now I have respite for four weeks and am back in Dunoon at last, with a fervent wish to retrieve my poetic self and produce at least two decent poems. A gal can plan...

Congrats on getting more published. I so enjoyed the 'views' of Loch Eck which you linked to recently. Stay safe and productive! YAM xx

Marion McCready said...

Sounds like a really tough time, glad you've been able to get back to Dunoon for a rest and hopefully find your balance too Xx