Saturday, April 07, 2012

At the top of Blackpool Tower
It's nice to be back home after a busy, blustery week in Blackpool!

It was also nice to come back to a lovely short review of Vintage Sea in the new Northwords Now (p22)
"This poetry is full of confident play with words, deep connections with nature, especially the sea, and vivid images evoking joy and agonising loss."

It looks like a great issue as usual with contributions from Meg Bateman, Hugh McMillan, John Glenday, Rody Gorman, Andrew Greig and many more.

Never had the chance to read any of the poetry collections I took on holiday with me! But we did go up the tower, play on the Pleasure beach, go to Nickelodeon Land, get a ride in a horse-drawn carriage, go to the zoo, see a magic show, watch a 4-D film, walk, walk, walk, and eat, eat, eat....


Titus said...

I'm so impressed that it's black and white at Blackpool Tower. Like the 50s!

And yay to the review.

Dare I ask about 4D?

Marion McCready said...

:) thankyou!

let's just say it involved water spray, bubbles and donkey smells...!!

Edinburgh Flats said...

Nice one