Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I've been too excited about the house to be able to concentrate on writing poetry so it's all a bit quiet on the poetry front.
I'm using this time as a note-gathering season so that when I've got the head-space to write I'll have plenty of material to draw from.
After lots of false starts we'll be finally getting the keys to our new house this friday.

I've been playing about with my new phone, recorded an old poem on it that I've given up on but quite like the sound of. I'm pleased at the quality of the phone recording, so I think I'll be trying out some more on it.
Here is the poem, if you click on the title you can hear me read it.

High Rise

the Rannoch Moor rises from the fifteenth floor of us
a tree grows out from the concrete side of us
playground swings fly far below us
the turf of raging winds adore us
our hearts are black     the city lights extol us
bodies lie broken     twisted at the foot of us
the bog lanterns of their eyes reflecting us
as we rise on every side    storey upon storey of us


Jim Murdoch said...

Try downloading Audacity. It’s free and good for cleaning up recordings. There’s a tool for getting rid of hiss for example and when I recorded my poem for that video I did a while back I went in an edited out all the intakes of breath and shortened some of the pauses. It’s quite intuitive.

James Owens said...

damn. i think i would trade a kidney for such an accent :-) i just finished lsitening to ian rankin's fleshmarket alley on cd during a long drive, and now i wish they had gotten you to read it, instead of the english guy they hired ...

but then i think of an interview that i have remembered for twenty years. the interviewer asked a jamaican dub poet about "the future of the jamaican language". the poet looked at him like he was a fool and said, "it ain't no language, man. we just talk...."

you just talk, don't you? :-))

Marion McCready said...

thanks for the tip, jim, I nearly broke the computer downloading some free but dodgy audio file converter to be able to upload it!!

ahh but you'd need someone with an Edinburgh accent for that, you may not have noticed but it's entirely different... ;) and then there's the Aberdeen accent, when we were in Germany a few years back I could hear a couple talking in the holiday flat across from ours and was convinced they were Russian... only to meet them at breakfast and find out they were Aberdonian!! lol :)

Steve Finnell said...

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