Saturday, July 24, 2010

my attempt at a poem in Scots!

Come Awa fir a Daunder

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Dave King said...

Well, I'm no a Scot, but I'm impressed, sounded perfectly authentic to me!

Jim Murdoch said...

A brave attempt. I like the title and the fact it's repeated throughout the piece. I've always known the word as 'daunner' but I guess it's just a regional thing.

My very first poem ever was in Scots. I must have been about eight, maybe ten, at the time. It was about a man about to be hanged. I wish I still had a copy of it.

This is good though.

Marion Mccready said...

thanks dave! :)

hi jim, 'daunner' sounds too much like a kebab for me :) sheesh sounds a bit depressing for an eight year-old!

Titus said...

Hats off, big time! Can't comment on the Scots, but I love the really excellent use of repetition.
Yes, I'm with Jim: good.

Marion Mccready said...

thanks titus, I'm glad you like it :)