Saturday, July 03, 2010

Holiday time!
I'm off to the Isle of Lewis for a week. Traveling up through Skye, getting the ferry over to Harris then driving up and across the island to Barvas to stay with my aunt and uncle. I haven't been back 'home' for ten years, since both of my grandparents died.
I spent every summer there as a kid on my gran and seanair's croft, I'm looking forward to reliving this part of my childhood and taking my own children there to experience the long white sandy beaches, the machair, the huge Atlantic waves, the sprawling moors. The photo below is of my seanair and his parents, his mother is my namesake. It's the peat gathering time of year so no doubt we'll all be out chucking the peats onto the back of the tractor just like when I was a child. I'm going to buy a nice, new A5 notepad to take with me to gather plenty poetry material.


Titus said...

Hope you have a fabulous time! Loved the photograph.

Roxana said...


and i am looking forward for more sea poems :-)

An Honest Man said...

Hope you've had a super holiday by the time you read this.

I'm expecting some wind poems!!

Marion said...

thanks guys, had a fantastic time, just back late last night.
honest man - the gales, the gales!!! sorley was nearly blown away!!!

swiss said...

missed it! was going to say to you to keep an eye out for joyce murray, who lives in barvas and might have sung you a song!

Marion said...

oh well, next time!! :)