Thursday, October 07, 2010

A few more favourites, just because!

by Meg Bateman

It was your lightness that drew me,
the lightness of your talk and your laughter,
the lightness of your cheek in my hands,
your sweet gentle modest lightness;
and it is the lightness of your kiss
that is starving my mouth,
and the lightness of your embrace
that will let me go adrift.

A Tired Man
by Attila Jozsef

Solemn peasants in the field
straggle homeward without a word.
Side by side we lie, the river and I,
fresh grasses slumber under my heart.

A deep calm is rolling in the river.
My heavy cares are now as light as dew.
I'm not man, or child, "Hungarian" or "brother" -
lying here is just a tired man, like you.

Evening ladles out the quiet,
I'm a warm slice from its loaf of bread.
In the peaceful sky the stars come out
to sit on the river and shine on my head.

by Anna Akhmatova

The door is half open,
The lindens smell sweet...
On the table, forgotten,
A riding crop and a glove.

The yellow circle of the lamp...
I'm listening to rustlings.
Why did you go?
I don't understand...

Tomorrow morning will be
Joyful and bright.
This life is beautiful,
Heart, just be wise.

You are completely exhausted.
Your beating is fainter, more muffled...
You know, I read somewhere
That souls are immortal.


Titus said...

And Happy National Poetry Day to you! Thanks for these.
I've also been trawling back through this blog of late, as you link to some brilliant articles. Another thank you.

Marion McCready said...

same to you, Titus! I'm thinking you don't sleep, how else do you manage to fit in everything you do?! :)

Roxana said...

oh, the lightness of being in love :-)
i so love this...

but what makes me stop and wonder is:

Evening ladles out the quiet,
I'm a warm slice from its loaf of bread.

thank you for such treasures, dear M.

Marion McCready said...

I'm glad you like them, yes I love that image too! x