Friday, March 04, 2011

first draft

In the peaty fire

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James Owens said...

This is rich and beautiful and rending. I am silenced.

Marion McCready said...

thankyou, that's encouraging. an experimental piece by my standards!

Jim Murdoch said...

I thought I'd sit on this for a day and come back to it. I was hoping someone might get in before me and maybe give me a direction in which to take my comment and that is what has happened but it was your comment that did it, you managed to confuse me again. When I read this my first thought - my very first thought - was that this was typically you, nothing new here and so I'm curious in what way you see the piece as an experiment.

Marion McCready said...

hi jim! I approached this poem a little differently from normal.

I read a interview with a poet recently where they talked about needing a sense of autonomous control over one's poems. when I first started writing poetry I spent years trying to write poems, never ever sure if what I was writing were actually poems. and I still have that attitude of trying to write a poem rather than thinking of myself as a writer and having that sense of control/autonomy in my writing. I need to stop trying to prove to myself that I can write a poem and instead write poems with the authority of a writer.

this all may not be immediately obvious in this poem :) but for me, the tone is very different.

and it's exciting for me because I'm unsure of what I doing and I may write a lot of crap but I really feel I can grow as a writer through this process.

swiss said...

peaty? i only know one usage and that's for a certain cyclist!

the writing thing? that stuff'll tie your head up in knots! which is kind of why i've given it up.

Marion McCready said...

well I know nothing of cyclists :)

yeah, but, you already write with authority in your poems, it's obvious. whereas me, I analyse things too much and that which probably came naturally to you I have to work my way to!