Friday, March 25, 2011

Having just about recovered from the mad rush of StAnza, here's a list of my purchases:

The Mermaid and the Sailors by Claire Askew, the young dynamic Edinburgh-based poet. It's her debut pamphlet and I have to say I love her cover pic.

An Illustrated Book About Birds by Anna Davis, exactly what it says on the tin and the illustrations are brilliant

The Water Table by Philip Gross, a T.S. Eliot winner

The Hat by Selima Hill, a book of rather surreal short poems 

Incense by Claire Crowther, a pamphlet sequence of Fatras

Ashes for Breakfast, Selected poems of Durs Grunbein, translated by Michael Hofmann

Needless to say my five-poets-only reading plan has been dropped for the time being. However I have resisted (nearly) every temptation to reach for the beloved  poets and I intend still keep away from them. I'll be resorting to my big five when I'm through the other poetries but I'll also be adding Durs Grunbein and Claire Crowther (who I'd been reading anyway) to the list.


Claire A said...

Hooray! Thanks for buying my pamphlet, Sorlil! I'd love to hear what you reckon to it once you've had a read.

And my cover image is by my fabulous artist friend Miriam Parker. More by her here:


Marion McCready said...

congrats on your pamphlet, claire! I'm enjoying it! I think the cover is great, suits your pamphlet perfectly.