Friday, March 11, 2011

So the ball has started rolling!!
I emailed Colin my poems last weekend for him to start working on my pamphlet. Very exciting!
Tonight I laid my pamphlet poems out to try and get a better sense of them as a whole. There are three missing because my printer has annoyingly run out of ink.
Looks rather pitiful considering all of the hours I've put into them doesn't it? Ah the joy of poetry!

A week tonight and I'll be in St. Andrews for StAnza, so glad it's finally come around! Looking forward to a creative boost from the weekend, hearing great poetry, meeting familiar faces and also really looking forward to seeing  gorgeous St. Andrews again perched as it is on the edge of the North Sea.


Roxana said...

i can't wait it to see it!!!you make me smile with this 'pitiful', one line can contain the whole world, the romanticists thought, and we both are not far from this conception :-)

James Owens said...

The world in a line, yes :-)

The most prolific poet in English was John Lydgate -- when was the last time you were hungry for some of his poetry? On the other hand, Mallarmé wrote about 2,000 lines -- enough for one slim volume! It is quality, not quantity. I can't wait for your pamphlet....

Marion McCready said...

Lydgate eh! how is it you know such things?! lol :)
the world in a line, what a wonderful thought..

Titus said...

Yay! to the pamphlet. So looking forward to it.

Not going to make StAnza. Work, work and work conspiring against me.

Marion McCready said...

ah shame, och well there's always next year, next year in Jerusalem as they say :)