Saturday, October 25, 2008

My current poetry wishlist:

New Collected Poems: W.S. Graham
Wolf Tongue: Poems 1975-2000 - Barry MacSweeney
The Divine Comedy
Public Dream - Frances Leviston
Nigh-no-place - Jen Hadfield
Tilt - Jean Sprackland
The Harbour Beyond the Movie - Luke Kennard
Camper Van Blues - Jane Holland
Postcards from the Hedge - Hugh McMillan
Elegies - Douglas Dunn
The Book of Blood - Vicki Feaver

Between my birthday in December and Christmas I hope to make a sizable dent into this list of desirables, as to where I'm going to put them...


Dave King said...

Interesting assortment. If you get half of them you'll have a really great time. Do let us know how it goes.

shug said...

I'll keep one for you. There are only 30 left! Thanks for including me in some illustrious company.

Sorlil said...

certainly will do, dave!

hi shug, only 30 left?? man alive that's good going, yes keep one for me please.

Colin Will said...

I got Camper Van Blues on Friday - read it in one gulp. That doesn't happen often with me.

Sorlil said...

hi colin, yes I'm very much looking forward to getting hold of a copy of jane's new collection!

McGuire said...

Thanks for your comment Sorlil. Glad you discovered my blog and gave it a read. Grazie tanto!

I too want a copy of Shugs new book, but by the sounds of it I won't get a copy. I'm going to attend his reading in Edinburgh, perhaps I can fish a copy off of him, afterall, I'll be imposing a copy of my book on him.

take care.
I'll be reading/

Sorlil said...

I'm glad I discovered it also!