Tuesday, June 22, 2010

for fun, something a bit different -

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Rachel Fox said...

Is this you? I like it...no surprise there...very song-like!

Marion said...

aye it's me alright :) glad you like it.

Dianne said...

I love this, buttercups buckle the bank, and what is a muckle?
music, poetry and water merge

Titus said...

I like this fun! Especially the first two lines of each stanza and
"The sea is a muckle of sons
in the chord of G,"
in particular.

Roxana said...

oh this is great, i love it, and i can't stop imagining it put into a song, i think it's unavoidable, given the rhythm etc. the first two stanzas are perfect for me, i understand the logical progression to the third one but personally i would have liked to dwell forever in the same wave-like pattern of the beginning, no change :-)

Jim Murdoch said...

I agree. Someone should try adding some music to this.

Marion said...

hi diane, thankyou. muckle is a scots word for a large something or a large amount of something hence the saying 'many a mickle maks a muckle'!

hi titus, thanks, glad you like it!

hi roxana, I agree with you about the last stanza, thankyou!

thanks jim! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice one. New direction?

Marion said...

thanks colin, just playing around, trying out new things really.