Monday, June 28, 2010

The poetry submission headache saga continues.
Remember when idiot me submitted a selection of poems for a poetry pamphlet competition which turned out to be a full-length collection competition instead? And remember how, when realising this, I emailed to withdraw my submission and submitted three of the poems elsewhere?
And then, bizarrely, how I got word that three of the poems that I had submitted to the full-length collection competition are going to be published in the up-coming Autumn anthology so I then had to write to all three editors whom I had submitted my poems to to with drawthem.
And despite this one of the editors emailed some time after to accept my poem for publication so I had to tell them again that I had withdrawn it.

Well today I flicked through facebook to discover that one of the other mags that I had submitted one of the three poems to has published it in their latest issue.
I give up.
If the anthology folk see it I'm sure they'll be well pee'd off.
The only thing that can happen now is for the third editor, whom I still haven't heard back from, to print my third poem in their mag!
Never thought I'd be complaining about getting poems published!

Anyway, I'm excited and super-pleased to have poems in this month's lovely issues of Poetry Scotland, Anon and Gutter Magazine!!!!


Jim Murdoch said...

Only if they find out. When I first started sending out poem I had no idea there were rules other than to try and get yourself read by as many people as possible. Only once did it ever come back to bite me on the bum and they still took the poem.

Marion said...

well the mag and the poetry publisher are friends on facebook, just hoping they didn't look too closely at the mag update!!

Roxana said...

but doesn't this only prove how keen they all are on publishing your poems? :-)

despite the troubles, congratulations and you should enjoy these really lovely issues, they seem to look great! i'm very happy for you!

Titus said...

Yahoo! Congratulations! Me and shug are lying in the gutter too. No change there, really.

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

If you are upfront with the editors over the mix-up then they are likely to be forgiving and if they are already published in print there should be no come back.

I recall a few years back publishing a poem online and being alerted by another online editor that they'd just published the same poem. If the poet had said she slipped up by sending simultaneous submissions all might have been well but her reply was that she didn't think it mattered. We both pulled her poem from our sites.

In print it is a bit different as poems can't be erased like they can on the internet.

Totalfeckineejit said...

A hat-trick! Goal(s)!Poetry Scotland? Neato! Well done!

Marion said...

thanks roxana, it doesn't seem that long ago that I couldn't get anyone to publish my poems!

titus, I saw that, looking forward to getting my copy so I can read them all! you were in the last issue too, weren't you?

hi gerald, it's all been rather confusing, I've really tried my best to fix it! I hope the editors see that if they catch up with my poem.

thankyou TFE, and a timely metaphor too! :)

Titus said...

Yes. Must be a creature of habit!
Got to start broadening my submitting horizons, but fear it would be muddlesville for me too.

Jesson And Rey Ann said...

nice post!