Thursday, November 18, 2010

Books, books, books...

I'm a slow poetry book reader, it takes me months and longer to digest a collection, re-reading it, thinking on the poems, letting them work on me consciously and unconsciously.
As well as many other books, I've been thinking on Robin Robertson's collection The Wrecking Light and Phillis Levin's May Day over the last while. I've also been reading Songs the Lightning Sang, a pamphlet by Geoff Cooper. Pages of online poetry that I have on my favourites bar at the moment are Plath (saves digging the book out all the time!), D H Lawrence, and Baudelaire.

Next month is birthday month and these are the books on my hit list: -
Identity Parade the controversial new anthology from Bloodaxe of new British and Irish poets
Plath's Ariel - the one with the poems in the order Plath intended, I've been meaning to get it for ages.
A Les Murray collection, there are so many that I haven't decided which one to go for.
The Wild Iris by American poet Louise Gluck
Blood Wedding and Yerma, two plays by Lorca
Horse Latitudes by Paul Muldoon
The Return by Eleanor Cooke
The gorgeous looking Venti, a poetry pamphlet by JoAnne MacKay
The also gorgeous looking collection The Lost Garden by Hugh MacMillan
And some more pamphlet poetry which I haven't picked out yet.
That's all, I think...


Dianne said...

Thanks for this lengthy reading list, I will get back to mine this weekend...

deemikay said...

Les Murray - he's got a good Selected called Learning Human - I also like Poems the Size of Photographs.

The Complete Review has quite a few reviews of him.

(My favourite is Fredy Neptune - but it's a LOOONG "novel in verse" as opposed to a collection.)

deemikay said...

Oooh... was the text always so small in this box?

Marion McCready said...

thanks for that, I guess it would be safest to go for the selected though I love the pic on the front of his latest collection!

I know!! just imagine how small it seems on the dell netbook that I'm on!

Titus said...

First, ooh, ooh, Blood Wedding, I love it!
And great Flamenco-ballet film of it too, Bodas de sangre.

And next, my Ariel is a 1979 reprint. I didn't know they were in the wrong order!

Then, yahoo for your support of Penpont poets! His is much bigger than mine.

Finally, I've been reading some things for years, and still only feel half-way with them if I'm lucky.

Marion McCready said...

I don't know the plays at all so I'm looking forward to reading them. Yes, Plath left the complete Ariel manuscript in a folder, Hughes altered the order of the poems, removed some poems and added some of the poems she wrote latterly. The correct order of the poems is listed in her Collected, but I think it's worth having the collection.
I'm looking forward to ordering and getting your lovely book of poems!

Titus said...

You are a source for me!

Lovely Bushra said...

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its is so awesum…….i ws lost in a trance while i ws readin it……
gr8 wrk !!!!

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