Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pictures, for a change!

For once, I grapped the camera while heading out for a walk yesterday. Rubbish day for taking pictures - dull mid-afternoon with a bitterly cold breeze!

But I wanted to show you my beloved Firth of Clyde which features in so many of my poems and which I love looking at regardless of the weather. These two pictures are looking down the Clyde; the islands of Cumbrae and Bute are faint lines on the horizon.

This is our Victorian pier, the photo is looking up the Firth where the water slips to the left to become the Holy Loch and slips around to the right, curving past Greenock and making its way all the way up to Glasgow.
This picture looks directly across the Firth to Inverkip, and these are the Gantocks, the infamous rocks that have been the cause of many a shipwreck and which you can hear the seals howl from at night. I wrote a poem about the Gantocks which can be read here.

and here are my travelling companions, Ruby all wrapped up in her pram and Sorley begging for a shot of the camera, but I didn't fancy fishing it out of the water!


Rachel Fox said...

What an amazing pier. Must come and take a closer look at that some time!

swiss said...

tell me that's not sorley! how did that happen? he was just a wee boy the toher day!

Jim Murdoch said...

Christ, that takes me back. I went on honeymoon to Dunoon the first time I got married and that was the last time I was there (so we're talking 32 years ago). That was also the last time I saw a James Bond film at the pictures; it was the only thing showing. Maybe next time you're out and in the mood for snapping you might include a few photos of the town.

Marion McCready said...

rachel, you must! :)

swiss, I know and my baby girl isn't much of a baby now either!

jim, I find it really funny that someone would come to Dunoon for their honeymoon(!!) but I guess it did have its heyday! aye I'll take some town pics for you, where the old cinema was is now a MacKays!

Marion McCready said...

oh and we have a fancy new linkspan pier which was built a couple of years back but because of EU regulations it lies unused, madness!!

Roxana said...

i don't see anything dull in these pics, i terribly enjoyed them! and the little ones, oh :-) (one of them invisible, actually, but very much present :-)

and i adored the poem, these lines won't leave me soon:

I close my eyes and hear
the small round o
of a mouth, whistling.

Titus said...

Love the lonely lighthouse and the pier (a bit short after Southend, however, but still intact and very beautiful).
And your boy is huge!

Marion McCready said...

I'm glad you enjoyed them and the poem, roxana :)

titus, I can hardly believe he's going to be four next week! he's taken a big stretch recently and outgrown most of his clothes, arghhh!

Dick said...

Breathtaking - but, God, so cold!

Marion McCready said...

thankyou, Dick! Even colder today...