Thursday, April 10, 2008

NaPoWriMo 10

Areopagus at Sundown

At my back in neon purple
floats the Parthenon temple

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swiss said...

areopagus? have you been at the milton? i like the local!
going away for a couple of days so there'llbe a bit of a hiatus but no giving up!
have been scopig other people's efforts. interesting seeing what they're coming up with.

An Honest Man said...

I have to confess I had to Google Areopagus - so that's something new I've learned.

I like this poem - 'vocal local' (I ask you!), 'rock of fag-ends' and 'strums ... into a half-strung guitar' are quite superb images.

Sorlil said...

ha probably better known as Mars Hill but of course it was the Areopagus before that!
Glad you like those images honest man!