Thursday, April 16, 2009

Events are conspiring against me so I'm still behind on my poem-a-day.

NaPoWriMo 13

The cherry blossoms bud bronze.

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swiss said...

i was unconvinced until cherry blossoms are the currency of heaven. storming line!

ambersun said...

Amen! Love the last line - it 'makes' the poem. And I love cherry blossoms too!

Keep up the poetry.

God Bless


Frances said...

Agree with swiss about the currency of heaven - what a fantastic image. And they are indeed - what would life be without them?

Jim Murdoch said...

I've read this over and over but I just can't get excited over it. I agree that the 'currency of heaven' is a great image and it probably rescues the piece but there's nothing in the rest of the poem for it to connect to. Did you add that final line after you first posted it? I don't remember it being there last night. It helps.

Sorlil said...

thanks, everyone. I was unsure about that line, but now I'm glad I added it!
hi jim, the last line was always there.