Friday, April 10, 2009

A not very good sonnet today!

NaPoWriMo 10

Poppy Fields (Monet)

She walks in lush green fields. The poppies rise

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ambersun said...

That was lovely

I could visualise the flowers - the colours, the sky.

Have a great Easter


Roxana said...

it's so interesting to read a poem based on a painting! your colour images are so fresh...

(yes, Happy Easter!)

swiss said...

it'll do for me!

Mairi said...

I've discovered your site by following a link from Surroundings. I know the painting and can see it as well as if you'd posted it with the words.

Sorlil said...

thankyou ambersun, I'm glad you like it!

hi roxana, yes it was fun to do for a change, thankyou!

nice to hear that, swiss!

hi mairi, thankyou for coming by, and thankyou for the lovely compliment!

and a belated happy Easter to everyone.

An Honest Man said...

A reproduction hangs above our bed!

The only bit of the poem which puzzles me is - "there are two of her and a boy".

Sorlil said...

oh dear, I hope I haven't spoiled it for you, lol!

it was a reference to the fact that he sketched the lady and the boy (his wife and son) twice, at the top of the hill then again in the foreground.